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Email & Ticket Support

Email & Ticket support that fits your customer service needs.

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Email & Ticket Support that Matches your Business

StoreKeep provides ticketing and email support for the software you use. We can use the most advanced SalesForce and Zendesk integrations to simply responding from a company Gmail account.

Support with Attention to Detail via Email & Tickets

At StoreKeep, we like to say the devil is in the details. We focus on grammar, accuracy and overall customer happiness as essential metrics for success. We use managers, reviews, and playbooks to keep our email and ticket support the best available.

Playbook for your Company

Throughout on-boarding, we focus on your companies needs. We can edit or refund orders due to an email or ticket request and even provide escalations with detailed notes to key contacts.


Multichannel support

We provide support across all major channels. We will even help unique requests based on your business needs.

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Tech Platforms

We provide immersive technical training to all agents to use the tools you use.

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