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Phone Support

StoreKeep provides phone support that does not include any robots, automated menus or long wait times.

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Friendly and Human Phone Support

StoreKeep is a HUMAN first company. This rings true for all of our phone support agents. All our agents dedicated to phone support are native English speakers. You won't find any robots here.

On-Brand Whitelabeled Phone agents

We strive to be an extension of your company. During onboarding, we work hard to truly capture your brand's voice. All phone support agents are trained and regularly reviewed to ensure we continue to be on-brand.

Over the Phone Technical Support

Many times live chat and email support are not enough to help users with technical issues. Our voice support agents are highly trained to address technical issues step-by-step to remediate issues over the phone.


Multichannel support

We provide support across all major channels. We will even help unique requests based on your business needs.

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Tech Platforms

We provide immersive technical training to all agents to use the tools you use.

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